Know Your UsersPerfect Your Product

The insanely easy way to talk to your users and make your web app amazing.

Want to build a great web app? You need to understand your users and how they experience your site.

LiveDive lets you audio or video call with your users while watching them use your web app live right through the browser, with no apps or browser plug‑ins required. Just some magical JavaScript.

Built for UX Researchers, Startups, and anyone else who builds on the web.

Why Talk To My Users?

Usability Testing: Improving User Experience

Usability Testing means talking to your users while watching them accomplish tasks on your website. While analytics tells you what users are doing, Usability Testing tells you why.

Running usability tests surfaces the problems users encounter when they're using your website, and gives you insight into the friction your visitors experience. If you aren't running usability tests, start now.

Launch: Jump Start on Understanding

In the early stages of product development, traditional analytics fall flat. Without hundreds or thousands of users to run through funnels and A/B test, these tools won't tell you squat. But talking to users brings immense value right from the beginning when you need feedback most.

Onboarding: First Impressions Matter

When a user signs in to your website for the first time, what you have is an opportunity.

Depending on their experience, you might be looking at a one-and-done dropout or a long-term customer. Wouldn't it be nice to talk to the user while walking them through the process live? With LiveDive, it's easy.

Customer Development: Build What They Want

The greatest danger when starting a business is that no one will want what you're building. Fortunately, there's a simple solution to this problem: talk (and LISTEN) to people before you build anything.

Throw LiveDive up on a splash page and start talking to potential users before you've invested time and money. That's a big win.

Growth: Build Relationships

When users understand that there are real people working to build your product, you stop being just another website and start standing out from the crowd. That can increase return visitor rates, and boost word-of-mouth and social media love.

Support: Helping Hand

Sometimes a user needs a little clarity, and their email description doesn't let you see their problem.

With LiveDive you're just a few clicks away from talking with your user while watching them experience the issue.

Why Use LiveDive For It?

No Hassle: Your Visitor Doesn't Need to Install Anything

LiveDive is installed on your website, instead of on your visitor's computer. There are no browser plug-ins or apps for your visitor to install.

Windowsharing and audio/video calling can be done instantly, with just a few clicks, in Chrome, Firefox, or Opera (more browsers coming soon).

LiveDive means an end to:

  • Visitor set-up confusion
  • Plug-in installation frustration
  • Exchanging usernames or logins

You click twice, they click twice. Easy as pie.

Scheduled, Inbound, or YOLO: Connect

With LiveDive you can initiate contact with your visitors however you'd like:

  • Pre-scheduled or Live Intercept (AKA YOLO)
  • Via Email, In-App message, or (Optional) Contact Tab for inbound connecting

Privacy: Protect Your Users and Yourself

With standard screensharing, sensitive information on your user's screen (on your site, or in a background window) is transmitted.

LiveDive's Window Sharing protects private info. Only the window with your own site is captured, and sensitive data (e.g., passwords) never leaves the visitor's machine. You can mark elements with a CSS class to keep those private too.

All data passed to LiveDive is sent over channels secured via encrypted SSL/TLS.

Recording: Your Video, Your Way

Want to record your audio/video call with windowsharing session (what we call a Dive)? Just install our Mac app (more platforms coming soon) and you can record your session and get it in a standard format for easy editing.

No hoops to jump through or video conversion necessary.

Much More: Integrations + Roadmap

LiveDive already works with some of the tools you use, and we have many more integrations coming soon! See our full Integrations page

Our roadmap is also loaded with powerful enhancements that will make it even easier for you to communicate with your users.

How LiveDive Works.

You need to talk to your users and see how they interact with your site, LiveDive makes it easy. Here's how it works:

1. Add Our Javascript Snippet

A little bit of Javascript on your website, loaded asynchronously so it won't slow down your page loading.

2. Start the Convo

LiveDive lets you initiate the conversation in three ways:

  • Reach out to a user live on your site right now, via In-App Message
  • Send an email with a LiveDive link (great for scheduling)
  • An optional contact tab on your website, allowing users to reach out to you when you're online

LiveDive includes real-time chat so you can ease into the conversation and screen potential participants.

3. Deep Dive with Your User, Gaining Insight & Understanding

LiveDive lets you talk with your visitors and watch them use your site, live. Windowsharing plus Audio or Video Calling — we call it a Dive. Powerful insights, made easy.

Audio or Video Call

In-browser video call gives you the kind of face-to-face interaction you used to have to leave the office to find.

Window Sharing

When you can see what your users see and watch them interact with your website, you understand their experience.

Or, check out the LiveDive demo »